2020 denver
Grand Champion Carload at the 2020 National Western Stock Show.


With the New Year behind us we are extremely thankful for another year of doing what we love every day! With some challenges big and small I think it’s safe to say we as ranchers and farmers overcame these challenges and look forward to a more prosperous year in 2022. Remind yourself that beef is still King and the Hereford/Angus cross is number one for pounds and production.
To those of you that are new to our operation we are strictly a family owned operation. It’s been that way for a 107 years as well as 107 years of solely breeding Hereford seed stock. Rollie (4th generation) along with his wife, Wendy, Isaiah, Benjamin, Jake (5th generation) along with his Fiancée Savanna and son Theodore run this operation with the help of our two hired men, Perry Emch and Todd Kuelbs. We take great pride on continuing the Hereford legacy on the same ranch for many past decades and plan for many decades to come.

Our cow herd is production oriented with functionality and balance in mind. If we’re going to look at these cows every day they better be good looking with fault free udders and ideal teat size. Our main focus is to maintain a cow herd that fits the commercial and purebred operations. This is not an easy task but we cull hard and fast to make it an easier task. As there is a long line of things to cull on we simply want a mama cow that will raise a heavy calf with a tight functional udder maintain her condition year round with sound structure and great feet confirmation. A wise man once said let your cow herd work for you not the other way around. Some cows are better than others but every cow needs to meet these qualities to raise bulls for our customers.

We feel the bulls as a group have become more consistent over the past years. We try to keep all traits in balance. With that being said we feel this year’s groups excels in natural performance, eye pigmentation, muscle shape fore to rear, eye appeal and ideal hoof conformation. If this is what you’re looking for, I think the drive to Belfield will be well worth your time. We have increased the number of polled bulls and have stayed steady on the horned end. Remember a herd bull can be one of your most valuable investments and we always keep that in mind for you with our breeding decisions.

The Hereford trend has stayed steady for a long time and is increasing in popularity. Ranchers love the black baldy cow and their docility. Feeders love the feed efficiency. Consumers love the tenderness of Hereford beef. This is why we say use Hereford.

We invite you to come any time to view the offering and or the cow herd. Note that we are never too busy for questions, concerns or conversation. We want you to feel comfortable in what you’re buying and want to assist you in any way if so possible. This offering will include heifer bulls, power bulls, bulls suited more for feeder cattle and bulls suited more for making replacement females so please contact us on what bull can fit your needs.

We look forward to sale day to see old friends and meet new ones. This is our passion and sale day is our favorite day of the year. We hope you enjoy this year’s catalog!